Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pope Benedict ... REVEALED!

(So be it, Jedi...)

I'm going to go in a different direction with this post, and do something somewhat topical.

The pope has been in the news recently, having been outed as a former Hitler Youth member (true) and for a lot of other shady stuff. Hiding and reassignment of known child molesters not-withstanding, it just so happens I've come across some information that will blow your fucking minds. Seriously.

Pope Benedict... is actually...

The Emperor!

That's right. You heard it first. Pope Benedict is actually Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars. I understand that this also means characters from popular movies can run the Catholic church, but is that really too far of a stretch?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Return of the Blog

Okay. I know. I know. I haven't blogged in ages. And I know - just about every time I blog, I apologize for the lack of posts.

Well no more!

That's right, you heard me. The reason I haven't been able to post in quite some time is a pretty simple one. Life happens. I have so many things going on around me at all times it's hard enough to keep my head on straight, let alone hold it there long enough to post a new blog. On one side we have the family. I'm a brand new dad and I try to spend as much time as possible with The Bean. (Who, by the way, is now holding his own bottles, giggling like a maniac when you pretend to sneeze, rolling over, and trying to crawl - and all this at only four months. I had no idea my sperm would produce such a genius! Oh, and he's also in size three diapers already. So make that gigantic genius.) I'm also a happily engaged man and love spending time with The Wife, who is currently curled up in bed after our movie marathon last night. (We have decidedly short marathons, thanks to all of my obligations. Our marathon last night consisted of the last half of Land of the Dead and the first half of Crybaby. Two great movies by two amazing directors*, that hopefully I will be able to watch in entirety again one day.) Add to that writing, editing, re-writing, re-editing the main eye-candy of the Bible Camp Zombies books and I would have a pretty full life, wouldn't I? Well, I also have a day-job (that I loathe**), and at this day job the only other guy who works my shift was arrested a while ago, so I have been working his shifts as well as mine.

Wow. I really don't have time to blog. What am I doing here?

Okay, no, I owe you guys some posts - if only for your patience with me. So mark my words, children, readers, BFFs... The blog shall live. Liiiiive! LIIIIIIIVE!

Oh, and here's a random link. For readers and writers alike. Christopher Moore (who happens to be a huge inspiration to yours truly) giving a pretty derned good interview on why writing is harder than it looks, why he isn't your average vampire writer (thank God), and some other fun things. Chris Moore Interview

So I will see you soon, everybody, I promise. (Maybe even later today. Who knows?!)

* George A. Romero and John Waters, respectively
** So, editor reading this blog, make sure you offer me tons of money for Bible Camp Zombies