Tuesday, April 13, 2010

If you're a Salinger fan

The Catcher in the Rye.

Arguably one of the greatest works of fiction in existence.
High school and junior college teachers alike reap praise on Salinger's book like Holden Caulfield (the book's main character, for those who haven't read it) is Hanna Montana and they're thirteen year old girls. I have read this book a total of six times. Once, when I was 12, because my aunt gave me a copy and told me "It will change your life", then four times throughout school, then another time on my own just to see if my feelings on it had changed.

They hadn't. I still didn't like it very much.

It sure didn't change my life, at least. I mean, sure, it was entertaining, but I didn't find it to be the grand masterpiece it's louted to be, and I sure didn't find Holden Caulfield to be the perfectest anti-establishment, never conform, sort of hero guy that they say he is.

But I'm not sure Salinger even wanted him to be. I've tried to study Salinger, as I think the writer much more interesting than the character (and how often can we say that? I'm sure as hell not anywhere near as interesting as my characters), only to find that there isn't much to study. From what I have found, however, I think he may have added more depth to Holden Caulfield than any of the pseudo-intellectual ivy league rebels suspect. Maybe Holden Caulfield's just a confused teenager and that's it. Seems pretty profound, but what do I know? I write zombie love stories.

Anyhow, as a Salinger fan, I loved this article. Hated Catcher in the Rye. What are you gonna do?

(Thanks so much to the link-master, Moon Rat, for the link.)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wow. Just... wow.

First off, I would like to personally thank Laura at Combreviations for this, because it has been blowing my effing mind all night. Thanks Laura.

Now, you all know my tastes in music aren't exactly the most eclectic thing in the world. I tend to stick to what I like, and while that has greatly grown - especially over the last few years - it is still a relatively small ballpark. I'm not known to listen to rap at all, but as of late, I've been getting into some underground hip-hop. More smooth beats and stuff like that. Check out this guy for an example. Or this guy. Or even these guys: The Wife's brother writes their music and plays guitar for them: The Big Bang Theory.

Anyhow, gangster rap is not something I am down with. At all. Especially media sensationalized gangster rap, but once in a while, one of these characters will blow my mind. (Eminem's Marshall Mathers LP comes to mind.) Not always musically, though.

Ready for it?

Li'l Wayne has started a blog that he is writing from prison.

I know.

Go ahead, take a moment while your mind is blown.

Just click on the link and read it. I dare you not to laugh.

This guy, this sexist, racist (probably - he HAS used the term 'white boy' in public), piece of scum, and let's not forget CONVICTED FELON, has the audacity to act all moral in the blog and it is just too funny watching him do it while using grammar that bears a striking resemblance to that of my 8-year-old nephew. Actually, I take that back. Little Danny may be a little more advanced than Li'l Wayne.

The sad thing is, he's probably going to get a book deal or something out of it.
I want to know, what do you guys think about it?