Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dramatis Personnae 2010

Hi all.

So, with 2010 here I figured I would share with you guys a list of all the other people mentioned in this blog - the supporting characters, if you will. This way you won't be going "Huh? Who the eff is that?" whenever I mention someone. Aren't I a wonderful guy? Don't you just love me? Aww, thanks, readers. I love you too.

Anyhow, no BS on this post. Let's cut to the meat.

My Brain Hurts's Dramatis Personnae for 2010:


The Wife: Katelyn, my fiance, will from now on
be referred to as The Wife, because she might
as well be my wife anyway. Enjoys: cute things,
when I do things around the house, Fallout 3,
The Bean, me.

The Bean: The Wife's and my brand-spankin'
new baby boy, Jack. Cutest thing of all time.
Shaped like bean. Pictures on my Facebook.
(Just search my email: Richiekraysemail
at yahoo.) Enjoys: sticking his tongue out,
giggling, talking to one of the fish on his
mobile, eating, Mommy, mocking facial
expressions, his pacifier, eating, Daddy,
eating, and uh, eating.

Tha Agent: Adam "Snapper" Chromy of
Artists and Artisans. My agent. Awesome
guy. Swears a lot. Sells a lot. Works until
3am on holidays. Gangsterest agent of
all time. (Hence the 'a' instead of 'e'
in the word 'the'.)

The Partner: Cathy, my writing
partner. She is the one who tells me
when something I've written sucks,
tells me when something is good, and
tells me when something doesn't
exactly suck, but isn't quite good either.
Enjoys: writing, her daughter Vicky,
bourbon, misspelling the word bourbon,
reading, Flight of the Conchords, living
in the middle of nowhere, New Zealand.

Yours Truly: Me, of course. Father,
"Husband", Author, and all around
awesome guy. I happen to enjoy:
playing with The Bean, Movie
Nights with The Wife, Writing,
asking "Where is the remote?" in
various unlikely ways.


Well, there you have ir. Now you don't have to be confused anymore. Hooray!


  1. Wow this is soooo strange to come across your blog b/c I am a writer from Cleveland too. I actually have my own column with the Sun News. And I have a zombie novel under my belt (which is now quietly tucked away in Word while I finish writing my second and third). Congrats on all of your success!! There are also a couple of other authors from our area I got to meet recently in person--they write YA and have a book coming out next year. So take care and I'll follow you now so I can keep up with your success. Good luck!

  2. Wow! Thanks Christina! It's always good to meet other writers from the area. (I'm quickly finding out I'm not the only one - awesome!) I just met another one the other day too. (Check out her article on the rules of writing/blog - I linked to it in the post above this one.) Anyhow, it would be really fun to get together and compare notes on zombies and such some time. Please, send me an email.

    And congrats on all your success too. I know how hard it is to break into the newspaper business doing anything but freelance stuff. That's awesome for you.